Airlines & Flights Between Iquitos & Lima

Amazon River Flights to Iquitos

Planning your arrival and departure for Iquitos and Explorama's lodges:
Here is a guide to assist you in planning your Iquitos inbound/outbound flights and getting you to and from our lodges. Remember, we access our lodges only by boat and in speedboats we cannot navigate the Amazon in hours of darkness/dusk/pre-dawn due to submerged or floating plants or logs that our boat operators cannot see, so it's necessary to travel in daylight hours.

Flights to Iquitos
Flights to Iquitos
Flights to Iquitos
Arrive Iquitos Can Begin Explorama Itinerary to
6 AM - 1 PM All lodges - ExplorNapo, Explorama Lodge, Ceiba Tops, ACTS.
1 PM - 4 PM Ceiba Tops
After 4 PM Requires overnight in Iquitos

Depart Iquitos Can leave these Lodges to make outbound flights
Before 8 AM No lodges - Requires overnight in Iquitos
8 AM - 11 AM Ceiba Tops
11 AM - 3 PM Ceiba Tops, Explorama Lodge
3 PM - 9 PM All Lodges

Note - Some transfer hours require a fuel surcharge, see below.

Timing your dock-to-lodge and lodge-to-dock boat transfers:
Boat transfers to our lodges depart Explorama's dock daily at 1:30pm, connecting from mid-day flight arrivals to Iquitos on flights such as Lan Peru, La 2380. Please plan your arrival to Iquitos at least 1 hour earlier to meet this departure. Earlier or later boat transfers to Ceiba Tops can be arranged for a fuel surcharge of US$50.00 per confirmed reservation (not US$50 per person). Boat transfers to other Explorama Lodges cannot be made after 1:30pm.

Boat transfers from our lodges to Explorama's dock in Iquitos arrive daily at 3:00pm. Please plan your departure flight no earlier than 5pm. Earlier or later boat transfers from Ceiba Tops can be arranged at a fuel surcharge of US$50.00 per confirmed reservation (not per person).

If you stay in a hotel prior to departing to Explorama's lodges, plan on departing Iquitos at 1:30pm. If you would like to plan an earlier departure from Iquitos, let us know. A US$50.00 surcharge will apply (per reservation, not per person).

Explorama can purchase your Lima/Iquitos/Lima tickets to be picked up in the Lima Airport.