Explorama Lodge

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Explorama Lodge

Explorama Lodge

Originally built in 1964 and located in an extensive Primary Rainforest Reserve 80 km/50 mi down the Amazon River from Iquitos, Explorama Lodge underwent a facelift for its 52th anniversary.


The 40 typical palm-thatched jungle lodge rooms are now screened and have private bathroom facilities! But don't worry, the Lodge has maintained its romantic atmosphere and covered walkways still lead to the Tahuampa Bar attached to the dining room and the Hammock House is still the best place to relax surrounded by a myriad of rainforest sounds.

What to do ?

Explorama Lodge offers a variety of adventures including the Seven Bridges Trail walk and a special Full Day excursion to the Canopy Walkway can be added for those staying two or more nights.


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