Amazon Explorama Lodges


Pam Bucur Explorama Lodges began operation in 1964 and since this time the company has always felt an obligation to purchase and maintain primary virgin rainforest reserves near each of its Lodges. All original managers and stockholders of Explorama had been high school or university teachers prior to starting the company and this has always given the enterprise a strong emphasis on education about the rainforest, for employees, our guests, and the local ribereños or river people. It has also accentuated our belief that as a company operating in the rainforest, we are responsible for maintaining the flora and fauna for future generations. At first the reserves were relatively small, with the idea of only maintaining trails and sites for our guests. Gradually, as the population increased dramatically along the main rivers, it became apparent that larger reserves were necessary if it was going to be possible to maintain habitats large enough to sustain the animal species many of our visitors expected and wished to see while in the Amazon area.



Together with others, the managers of Explorama started a foundation, CONAPAC, in 1990, to attempt to hold a much larger area of reserve land than would be possible under local laws at that time by individual companies. An area was surveyed extensively through the use of small float planes, to be certain that no fields nor houses were located in the area to be requested from the government. Also, it was necessary to pick an area which was far enough away from the major river systems, where the majority of forest people live, to ensure that fields would not immediately be cut in the area before the proper defenses could be put in place. A four meter boundary line has been cut completely around 100,000 hectares of land (250,000 acres). While it is impossible to stop all hunting at this point in time due to lack of funds, Explorama has managed to drastically reduce the killing of large quantities of game for the Iquitos market by visiting the area on a continual basis with guests, as well as by helping CONAPAC to hire a forestry engineer and with his permanent crew to act as forest rangers in the reserve. More information here!