Ceiba Tops & Canopy Walkway Pre-CRUISE Adventure 3 Nights - US$890

Amazon Star


Upon arrival in Iquitos, the largest inland city in the world with no roads leading to it, you will be met by your Explorama naturalist guide and we will board our air-conditioned bus to travel through the city. Our guide will point out the many motorized rickshaws, locally called motorcars, and we will pass by the local market of Belen where fresh fruits and fish are sold daily. We will go around the Iquitos Main Square before reaching Explorama’s private dock where we will board a speedboat to travel downriver on the Itaya and Amazon Rivers, enjoying a box lunch en route to Ceiba Tops rainforest lodge. In the afternoon at Ceiba Tops we’ll walk along a rainforest trail to the towering Ceiba (kapok) tree for which the Lodge is named, where we will see many huge trees festooned with epiphytic plants. We’ll continue along this trail to a small lake with a gazebo where we can watch for birds and hope to spot the large paiche fish which inhabit the lake. This evening our buffet dinner will be served in the main dining room at Ceiba Tops.

Amazon Star


This morning there will be an early excursion for those of us interested in birdwatching at dawn, one of the best times of day to look for birds. After breakfast we will board our speedboat to go further down the Amazon to Explorama Lodge. We’ll walk along the "Bushmaster Trail" where scientific studies by the Missouri Botanical Gardens have discovered one of the world's highest biodiversity of trees per square hectare. We’ll continue on to visit a small historical Yagua village where our guide will explain their culture and how it has been affected by the passing of time. There will be an opportunity to trade for or purchase their local crafts, and a demonstration of the use of the blowgun which some of the Yagua elders still use for hunting. After lunch we will visit a clinic run by an American doctor for local residents and learn about health issues for the Amazonian residents. We will also stop at a river home where the owner has a “corner store” and sugar cane rum and molasses factory. A horse is used here to turn an antique sugar cane press, extracting the juice which is distilled to what local people call “aguardiente” -- literally, "burning water." Before returning to Ceiba Tops, we’ll stop at the CONAPAC library where children in the neighboring rainforest villages come to read and learn. CONAPAC’s library is the only one on the Amazon River in all of Peru!

Amazon Star


Today we’ll awake early and board boats to travel down the Amazon and up the Napo River to the small Sucusari Stream which leads to the ExplorNapo Rainforest Reserve and ExplorNapo Lodge. After breakfast, there will be a 45 minute hike through pristine forest to the Canopy Walkway, a suspended bridge spanning over 500 meters (one-third of a mile), connected by tree platforms reaching a height of over 35 meters (115 feet) above the ground. Here there will be time to observe the rainforest from a vantage point rarely seen by humans but accessible without any type of climbing skill or equipment. We will return to ExplorNapo for lunch and then continue on the Sucusari Stream to visit the only other residents on this tributary, the indigenous Maijuna in the community of Sucusari. The Maijuna-Kichwa Regional Conservation Area, adjacent to ExplorNapo’s Reserve, encompasses almost 1,000,000 acres of rainforest spread between four Maijuna communities that oversee its conservation. We will visit the Maijuna Cultural Center and learn about their history and their sustainable rainforest projects. After visiting the Maijuna, we will return to Ceiba Tops in time for a swim in the pool or to swing in a hammock while gazing out over the mighty Amazon River.

Amazon Star


This morning we’ll depart Ceiba Tops at midmorning to return to Iquitos. On the way we will stop at Monkey Island, a private reserve where more than five species of tropical primates including small tamarins, saki, titi and large woolly monkeys are protected. We’ll learn more about this important project and have an opportunity to take some great photos before returning to our speedboat to continue on to Iquitos. In Iquitos we will pass through town to meet our Amazon Star Cruise companions who are arriving at the airport and continue with them to the “CREA” Manatee Rescue Station located outside of Iquitos. The manatee caretakers will explain how their conservation program rescues, rehabilitates and returns these majestic mammals to the wild. From here we will continue with our newly met fellow adventurers on our Amazon Star Cruise itinerary.

Due to the everchanging nature of the rainforest, day-by-day activities may vary due to local conditions


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