Ceiba Tops Monday Special 3 Days / 2 Nights

Ceiba Tops

MONDAY / Iquitos - Ceiba Tops
Reception at the airport, brief city orientation and transfer to the Explorama dock. Twenty-five mile journey down the Amazon River to Ceiba Tops, where rooms with air conditioning and private bathrooms provide the comforts of home in the rainforest. Afternoon hike in the beautiful primary rainforest reserve surrounding the lodge which includes many huge trees festooned with epiphytes. After dinner your guide will take you on a short walk to a small lake where caiman can be spotted at night and where you can find some of the insects and frogs that produce the cacophony of sounds that begin after dark.

Lunch, Dinner --------------------- Overnight Ceiba Tops Lodge

Ceiba Tops

TUESDAY / Ceiba Tops​
Morning boat ride, spotting for dolphins, to visit a small village of Yagua Indians where your guide will explain the Yagua Indian culture and how it was affected by the arrival of Europeans and the passing of time. There will also be an opportunity to see some of the local crafts and for a demonstration of the blowgun which some of the Yagua elders still use for hunting. Afternoon walking excursion to the neighboring town of Indiana stopping along the way to see the immense Ceiba tree for which the lodge is named. Originally a Franciscan mission, Indiana has grown into a large river community with its own market, high school and small hospital.

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner ----------------- Overnight Ceiba Tops

Ceiba Tops

WEDNESDAY / Ceiba Tops - Iquitos​
Your choice of morning walking or boating excursion to further enjoy the rainforest and Amazon River. Afternoon transfer to Iquitos and to the airport.

Breakfast, Lunch (if departure flight permits)

*Due to the everchanging nature of the rainforest, day-by-day activities may vary due to local conditions*
Please be sure to plan your arrival and departure to coordinate with Explorama boat departures to and from the city of Iquitos. Visit this link for more information - Flights to Iquitos


2018 US$ 423.00 per Person


The "Ceiba Tops Monday Special" program only starts on Monday.

Additional night at Ceiba Tops can be added after the "Monday Special" program for:

▪ Ceiba Tops
2018 $140.00 per person per night. Single supplement $30.00 per single per night.

▪ Special Full Day excursion to the Canopy Walkway (2018):
 Available for guests staying 2 or more nights at Ceiba Tops - $150 per person (min. 2 people).